Sound-Alike Words

Sound-alike words are common in Medical Transcription. Logic plays a very important role when it comes to sound-alike words. When you are typing a report or editing a report try to apply logic, like, if the physician is dictating "ace wrap was applied to the foot (it is Ace wrap)/ace inhibitor was given (it is ACE inhibitor)".

You are in the "Most Common" section of this website which deals with the most common occurrences of sentences and normal values in medical report. Read below to know more about the most common Sound-Alike Words.

abduct: movement away from the midline of the body.
adduct: movement toward the midline of the body.
aberrant: deviating from the normal.
apparent: readily seen.
abscess: collection of pus.
access: permission to approach (easy access).
axis: a central line that bisects a two-dimensional body.
ACE: angiotensin-converting enzyme.
Ace: brand name of a bandage and/or wrap.
advice: opinion or recommendation.
advise: suggestion.
effect (result or consequence of an action): the floods had a very bad effect on the villager’s lives.
affect (produce an affect on): His studies were affected by his illness.
His affect was bright.
all together: many together.
altogether: completely.
anuresis: inability to urinate.
enuresis: bedwetting.
any more: indicates quantity.
anymore: any longer (indicates time).
apophysis: projection of a bone.
epiphysis: a part of a bone separated from the main body composed of cartilage.
appose: place side by side or bring together.
oppose: act against.
bare: nude or naked.
bear: to hold up.
Beaver: a kind of blade used in surgeries.
beaver: a semi-aquatic animal.
breath: single inhalation and exhalation (breath sounds).
breathe: process of inhalation and exhalation of air (allowed to breathe).
born: brought forth by birth.
borne: bear or carry (airborne disease).
bowl (a container): he had a bowl of salad for lunch.
bowel (intestine): he has bowel movements every day.
breach (breaking or non-observation of law, contract): he was penalized for his breach of contract.
breech (delivery of baby with the buttocks or feet foremost): the baby was born with a breech presentation.
bruise (discoloration of skin caused by a blow): he sustained severe bruises to his legs in an accident.
bruit (noise): I could not hear any carotid bruit.
cabbage: a plant to the family Brassicaceae (a vegetable).
CABG: coronary artery bypass graft (dictated as cabbage).
CAT: computerized axial tomography.
cat: a small domestic carnivorous animal.
chord: a musical tone.
cord: a rope-like structure (spermatic cord, spinal cord, vocal cords, etc.).
cite: to quote.
sight: vision.
site: a place or location.
coarse: composed of relatively large particles (coarse hair).
course: a succession of stages, a direction or route taken.
complement: something that completes or makes perfect.
compliment: expression of praise.
complaint (noun): he had multiple complaints.
complain (verb): he complains of headache.
compliant: he is compliant with his medication.
cor: the heart.
core: central part of something.
collusion (secret agreement): some of his employees were acting in collusion to rob him.
collision (crash, accident): the patient had fractured ankle from an automobile collision last year.
corps: a military organization.
corpse: a dead body.
council: assembly of persons.
counsel: opinion or instruction.
discreet: with regard to respecting privacy or prudent.
discrete: detached from other (discrete mass).
disease (abnormal condition): the patient has the following diseases.
decease (dead): the patient’s father deceased at an early age.
dysphagia: difficulty in swallowing.
dysphasia: loss of speech.
ensure: to make certain of.
Ensure: a nutrition supplement for kids.
insure: to guarantee protection; used mostly in a monetary sense.
elicit: to draw or bring out or forth (eliciting behavior).
illicit: not legally permitted (illicit drug use).
every day: each day.
everyday: common day or ordinary day.
followup (one word noun): followup was scheduled for Monday.
follow up (two words verb): he is to follow up on Monday.
follow-up (adjective): he has a follow-up appointment on Monday.
fuzzy (blurred, indistinct): his vision was fuzzy.
fussy (inclined to fuss): the child was very fussy due to his illness.
gauge: standard measure (18-gauge needle).
gauze: a surgical dressing (a bandage).
HAART: highly active antiretroviral therapy (HIV treatment).
heart: (you know about this).
humeral: pertaining to the humerus bone.
humoral: pertaining to body fluid.
humor: something funny.
humor: body fluid.
ileum: part of the small intestine.
ilium: upper portion of the hip bone.
its: possessive form of it (I am sorry its being late).
it's: contraction of it is.
knot: a tie or twist.
not: negative.
loose: as of loose motions.
lose: as of lose weight.
may be: substitute it with "might be" to form a complete sense.
maybe: substitute it with “perhaps” to form a complete sense.
metacarpal: bones of the hand.
metatarsal: bones of the foot.
mucous: pertaining to membranes (mucous membranes).
mucus: secretion produced by mucous membranes.
osteal: bony (osteal changes).
ostial: an opening (ostial stenosis).
palate: roof of the mouth
pallet: a bed or mattress.
palpation: act of feeling with the fingers (nontender to palpation).
palpitation: irregular or abnormally rapid heartbeat.
pancreas: an organ in human body which produces insulin.
pancrease/pancrease: if capitalized it is a drug used for pancreatic insufficiency. if in lower case it is a naturally occurring enzyme.
perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time.
perineal: refers to the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus in the male, and the area between the vagina and anus in the female).
perianal: located around the anus. peroneal: a muscle in the leg.
plain: clear or distinct to the eye (lidocaine plain).
plane: a flat surface (plane ap and lateral views of x-ray).
pleural: refers to the pleura (pleural cavity).
plural: more than one.
prostate: prostate gland.
prostrate: lying prone.
principal: the most important (principal diagnosis, principal of a school, etc).
principle: a rule (I have my own principles).
radical: from the root (radical prostatectomy).
radicle: rudimentary root (lower part of axis of embryo).
regime: government
regimen: course of medication, diet, therapy, or exercise.
soar: to fly at a great height.
sour: a taste (lemon, tamarind, vinegar, etc).
sore: a rash or a wound or a sensitive condition (sore throat).
some time: particularly relating to time (the patient is having this pain for some time now).
sometime: it can be at anytime (pillows can sometime help reduce snoring).
than: otherwise (left lung is more clear than the right).
then: some time ago (the patient will come to me after 6 months, then we will do an ultrasound at that time).
tract: the passage of an organ system (respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract).
track: a pathway (can be a railway track).
verses: lines of poetry.
versus (vs): against (India versus Pakistan).
vesical: pertaining to bladder.
vesicle: a small cyst.
wheal: a small burning or itching swelling on the skin.
whale: a large marine mammal (a big fish).
weather (state of the atmosphere at a place): due to the bad weather, they did not go out for picnic as planned.
whether (introducing the first or both of alternative possibilities): he was not sure whether he could make it due to ill health.

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