Home-Based Transcription

If an MT works from home it is called home-based transcription. MTs working from home are called HMTs (Home Medication Transcriptionist) or IMTs (Independent Medical Transcriptionist).

Who is fit to take up home based transcription work and what are its requirement.

MT with minimum 4 years of in-house/office experience is qualified/capable to take up home based transcription work. Why 4 years, why not 2 or 3 years? MTs with 2 or 3 years of experience are unfit to take up home-based work because the experience or exposure they have is not enough to handle home-based work and one should be aware that there is no help/support at home and they are on their own. One more reason why a less experienced MT is unfit to take up home based work is that an inexperienced MT lacks logic in the subject what the doctor is dictating and just knows what he/she listens he/she types.

I am not stressing the point that MTs with minimum experience should not take up home based work. They can, but think once that what per line you are going to get for such experience. My friendly advice to inexperienced MTs is gain minimum 4 to 5 years experience, get exposed to all kinds of work types and specialities so that you can put a strong step into home based transcription where you can in turn get good per line rates.

Points to be noted before taking up home based work:
Are you equipped with computer and required software at home.
Do you have power backup.
Do you have internet connection.
How much per line you are expecting.
How many hours/lines you are going to cover per day.
Does the amount of work you do and the amount of money you earn cover your minimum requirement like electricity bill and internet bill in your early months.
Are you prepared to face adventures like picking up work and not liking it in between and leaving it without pay.
Are you prepared to face fake/fraud people who provide work and do not pay and stop your work after a month or two.

Am I troubling you with the above points. Sorry but this is truth and if you are prepared with above points, you can take up home based work. Don't get panic. Read below...

Points to remember while taking up home-based work:
Do not straight away apply for home based work seeing advertisement on net.
Do some reaserch before applying to any company or vendor.
Researches like knowing from previous employees or your friends who already worked for them.
If your friends or previous employees say that there is full work and they are prompt at payments, go for it and apply.
It is better to take up home based work through a reference who is already working and getting paid.
If you think per line rate paid by company/vendor is suitable to your experience and quality and if they are prompt at payment, go for it, have a test and take up work.
Find out if they are giving straight per line rate based on productivity or quality and also find out if there is any quality/tax deduction.
Find out if there is any contract that you need to sign before start and/or after selection.

More and more information below, read on...

Company/vendor selection process and absorbtion:
Once you send your Resume, company/vendor studies it and per their requirement they will get back to you.
Test files (audio files) are sent once your Resume suits their requirement.
You need to send the test files (text documents) back to them at their said time.
They will get back to you once your transcribed documents are up to their expected requirement. Mostly HR will communicate with you if you applied to a company. In case if you applied to a vendor, vendor will directly contact you.
Contract papers if any will be signed by both the parties (you and company).
Admins may communicate to you for your system configuration or for any software installation. Cooperate with them and move ahead.
You will be given ID and password if you are working on an online platform.
If you are put on offline work, FTP details will be provided from where you need to pick the audio files and drop your transcribed documents.
You will be put on a training/probation period if you are going to work on any online platform.
Once you are through your training/probation period, you are on your own.
You give them productivity with required quality, they will pay you.
When it comes to vendors, there may not be any probation period but training may be given and you are on your own after that. Risk with vendors is if you are not up to the mark and not reaching goals as per their requirement, you will end up losing work instantly. It is completely based on vendors mentality and I am not saying all vendors are like that.

Common home based work setup requirement

Processor - P4 or Dual Core 3GHz
RAM - 2 GB
Hard Disc - 160 GB with minimum 10 GB free space in drive C:\
System Type - 32 bit Operating System
Sound Card
Resolution - 1024 x 768
External Speakers with Headset Jack

Operating System - Windows 7 or higher with all drivers installed
Word Processor - MS Office 2003 or Office 2007
Electronic Dictionaries - Stedman's and Quicklook
Adobe Reader
Audio Players

Note: Additional softwares like online platforms may be installed if you take up online work.

Power Backup: UPS or Inverter with minimum 2 hours backup with modem backup.

Internet Connection: Unlimited plan with minimum 2 mbps speed.
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