Late Sri M. Narayana

Whatever I am today is because of this person, he is my inspiration, and he is my beloved uncle. I thank him for the knowledge and inspiration he gave me and I dedicate this page to him in his memory.

Late Sri M. Narayana was Chief Manager in Indian Airlines before his demise. He was a person with golden heart. He was well known for his social service and kind nature. He was the main person behind the development of Dandu Maremma Temple in Balamrai, Secunderabad. He was ardent devotee of Sri Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati. His family is famous for a yearly worship of Lord Venkateshwara in the form of "Govindala Panduga". He had been an inspiration to many and had been a very good teacher of human values, morals and ethics.

I still remember his words when he said in one occasion that "Give the keys to the thief and he will look after your property better than your wife." At that time I was very young to understand that and told him that I didn't get what he was trying to explain. He said "When you know who is the thief in your house, you need to give the keyes to the thief so that the thief will have some responsibility and will take care not to steal anything from your house." There is very in-depth meaning in it and I learned it in later part of my life as I grew older. Every conversation with him was a lesson and every discussion with him was a knowledge booster.

He is the most influential person in my life who introduced me to computers in 1998. Learning computers was a costly affair then. I was done with my education and in search of job. He told me to join some computer course. I said I can't afford. After few days when I met him he told me some retired army men are conducting a camp in Bhavan's College in my area where they are teaching MS Office in computers at a very less fee. Initially I was worried to join as I had no typing knowledge. He pushed me forward saying opportunities don't come everytime, go and join, later you can learn typing. I never used to say "No" to him and I went to Bhavan's College where to my surprise all old retired army men/women were there. I asked them is there any computer classes going here, they said "yes". I immediately paid fee and joined there. I was the only young guy in that group of 15 old army men/women. At my next visit to uncle, I told him that I joined there and he felt very happy and tapped me on my shoulder. This is how I got in touch with computers and it has been 17 years now I am on computers. All credit goes to my uncle Late Sri M. Narayana and I am always thankful to him.

The most saddest moment in my life was his demise. He was like a father figure to me and my only support. It was my marriage days and we were surrounded with celebration atmosphere. He played a major role in my marriage taking care of everything and he was very happy. My marriage took place on May 5, 2002 and on May 8, 2002 just 3 days after, he had a massive heart attack and he left us. It's a huge loss to the entire family and I am the most unfortunate person. Till date tears roll down my eyes as I remember him.

I wholeheartedly pray to God "May His Soul Rest In Peace".

After Sri M. Narayana's demise, all his social and spiritual activities are taken care by his wife, my aunt Shrimati Someshwari Amma, who is well known for her generous and kind nature.

" The Soul is the Truth of Who We Are "

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