Thank you for stopping by.  This is a professional website related to Medical Transcription.  Through this website you will be gaining knoweldge about Medical Transcription.  This is an individual effort and experience of the author of this website who is trying to help fellow MTs and is also trying to provide information to the visitors of this website who stepped in to gain knowledge.

The main objective behind this website is sharing medical transcription knowledge keeping in mind to help fellow MTs gain experience quickly rather than wasting years of time in gaining experience.  This website is useful to those who have just finished their MT training and also to them who have less experience.  To gain professional knowledge and experience through this website, one has to read the topics carefully and has to apply it in their work. This is an inspirational and motivational website for MTs.

What is Medical Transcription

Converstion of audio into text is called transcription and conversion of medicolegal audio into text is called Medical Transcription.  Medical Transcription, also known as MT is an allied health profession which deals in the process of transcription.  Medical reports are dictated by the physicians or other healthcare professionals which are saved in audio format and these audio files are sent to companies or home-based transcriptionists for conversion into text documents.  The person who converts audio file into text document is called a Medical Transcriptionist.  In short, medical transcriptionist is also called an MT.

MT's play a prominent role in the filed of Medical Transcription.  MT's are mostly trained and certified professionals to take up this work.  Medical transcription is purely a computer-based work and MT's use computer, headset, and footpedal to process their work.

To make their work easy, MT's use electronic dictionaries such as Stedman's Medical Dictionaries for medical word reference, Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference for medication names and dosages, English dictionary such as Merriam-Webster for English word usage.  Audio players such as Express Scribe and Olympus DSS player are used for listening to audio files.  Word processor such as Microsoft Word is used for documentation purposes.

In today's day, Medical Transcription is a very fast moving profession and more advanced in terms of technology.  Advanced softwares are developed for ease and fast paced work.  Most of the MT's are working on online platforms provided by the companies to whom they are employed with.  Online platform has everything attached to it such as the audio player and the word processor.

Any graduate or under graduate can take up this profession.  Interest in science, knowledge of English and computers will be an added advantage.

Last but not least, please do not get into Medical Transcription just because you need a job. It's not a job where one will be doing a routine work; it's a profession where one has to learn and work, and vice versa.

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Task done on time or before the designated time is called Punctuality. Remember your school/college days. How often you have stepped into the class after your professor had started. It's not a big deal then, but in a working atmosphere punctuality matters a lot. You may be a skillful or multitasking worker but...
The Webster English dictionary defines professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. To understand what is a profession, first we need to know the difference between a job and a profession...

Transcription tips
Try to apply logic while transcribing any file. If you are doing a Cardiology file, keep in mind the terminology and drugs of cardiac related problems. This will make your work easy and help you give quality output. Having enough sample documents is always useful while transcribing. Most of the time from samples...
Side Headings
To separate a particular subject from the rest of the text we use side headings. In medical transcription we come across various kinds of medical reports also known as work types and these work types carry side headings in them based on the subject. For example, History or History of present illness is a common side heading...
Client Specifications
Guidelines set by the client or the hospital to do their work in a certain specified format is called client specification. AAMT guidelines are the fundamental rules which every Medical Transcriptionist should know. AAMT guidelines gives you an overall information about specifications and/or rules of transcription...
Feedback is the process in which the output of an action is returned to modify the next action. You all know that in medical transcription we convert the audio format into text format and in this process the chances are that we may listen something and type something wrong and for that you will get a feedback so that you can...
Keyboard Shortcuts
Command over computer keyboard is important in the field of Medical Transcription. You may have a good typing speed, but of what use if you do not know the keyboard shortcuts. Moving in the document with ease is very essential. Look at the keyboard, see closely on keys "F" and "J"; you can see hyphen-like markings on those keys...
Home Transcription
If an MT works from home it is called home-based transcription. MTs working from home are called HMTs (Home Medication Transcriptionist) or IMTs (Independent Medical Transcriptionist). Who is fit to take up home based transcription work and what are its requirements...

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